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CDM Regulations 2015 - 3 Years on – 7th May 2018

The 2015 version of the CDM Regulations has now been law for 3 years. Only recently have there been any high profile prosecutions due to non-compliance on Domestic Projects. There are still a lot of builders / contractors out there who are oblivious to the regulations and are risking big fines that could cripple their businesses. What also needs to be remembered is that ignorance or the regulations is no defence in a court of law. Have a look at the website ( for more information, and remember, EVERY Construction project, no matter how big or how small, requires a construction phase plam. Click Here for a Construction Phase Plan.

Updated Website – 11th February 2018

The website has been updated with a new front page and extra categories added for a better browsing experience. Use the search facility on the top right of the screen to type what you are looking for. Click Here for a Construction Phase Plan.

Sentencing Guidelines – 1st February 2016

The new sentencing guidelines for Health & Safety Breaches was introduced today. The new sentencing guidelines will have a major impact on the levels of fines issued for health and safety breaches. Expect fines in the millions of pounds to be given in future. For more information, click on the following link:  Sentencing Guidelines 2016

Happy New Year – 27th December 2015

We wish all our customers a happy new year and hope that 2016 will be a prosperous year for you.

This website went live in April 2015 and has been slowly building to be a leading website for health and safety information to assist builders and construction professionals to comply with the CDM Regulations 2015.

Our website is the best because it fully complies with the requirements of the regulations. The wizard app is a glorified risk assessment tool which doesn’t comply with guidance and it limits access to people with apple or android devices.

Uptake on our website increases per month and feedback has been good.

So in 2016, if you need a construction phase plan that’s fully compliant, please visit our page.

Happy New Year J

HSE Fee For Interventions - 28th October 2015

Contractors hit by charges under the controversial HSE Fee for Intervention scheme have seen their bills jump by 40% since it started. The average cost of an invoice has now soared to more than £700. The controversial scheme was Introduced in 2012 and allows HSE inspectors to charge contractors for visits when they break safety laws.

Fears are now growing that the HSE could be using the scheme to raise money following funding cuts.

Make sure you're fully compliant by downloading our plans and other documents and following the safe systems of work.

Good News - 26th October 2015

We have reduced the price of our construction phase health and safety plans to £5. We believe that our plans are the most comprehensive and fully compliant plans available. Don't fall foul of the law, the HSE are and will be prosecuting for non-compliance with CDM regulations 2015.

HSE Site Blitz! - 25th September 2015

HSE will be carrying out Site Blitz for the next 2 weeks on construction sites focusing on Refurbishment and smaller sites. Please ensure all documentation are in place.

1000th Twitter Follower Promotional Offer! - 30th May 2015

To celebrate passing 1000 followers on twitter, CDM plan have reduced the cost of our construction phase health and safety plans to just £1 for 1 week only. This is an ideal opportunity to use our service and find out how professional and easy to use our plans are. Beware of other apps and free downloads. they don't provide the information as per Appendix 3 of the guidance document L153.

Construction Phase Plans must have the following:

Remember ALL construction projects now require a plan under then new CDM Regulations 2015. 

This offer will expire on the 7th June 2015.

Special Introductory Offer! - 25th April 2015

Take advantage of our special introductory offer for our Construction Phase Health & Safety Plans. You can obtain a plan and an induction (something the CITB doesn't provide) now for £5 for 1 month only. This is an ideal opportunity to find out about the quality of our products. The plan, in our opinion is the best out there and at such a low price, you cannot go wrong. So if you are starting a construction project in the next month (commercial or domestic) why not give it a go. Remember ALL construction projects now require a plan under then new CDM Regulations 2015. 

This offer will expire on the 31st May 2015.

Not sure who can be a Principal Designer? - 17th April 2015

Not sure who can be the Principal Designer (PD) under the new CDM 2015 Regulations? please have a look at the great video below from Mark Lynch explaining the role.

Website Live! - 31st March 2015

Our website is now live! The website will be a one stop shop for all documentation to comply with the new CDM Regulations which come into force next week. Please feel free to comment on the usability of the site and if any mistakes or errors are found, please e-mail us at with the details. We want to make this website as user friendly as possible. Please note that the website can also be viewed and used from a mobile or tablet browser.

Development of Guidance Material - 9th January 2015

Both the joint HSE-industry guidance and the HSE-authored ‘L-series’ guidance are now substantively complete in draft form. HSE has sent the six draft HSE-industry guides to CONIAC members. CONIAC will consider whether it is content that industry guidance steering group has produced guidance which is in accordance with its terms of reference at its meeting on 19 November.

HSE’s Publications Governance Group will consider the drafts of all of the guidance at its meeting in November. Whilst the guidance will necessarily remain as draft until the CDM 2015 regulations have been formally laid, HSE plans to publish the draft L-series guidance on the HSE website on 9 January, in keeping with Government policy of issuing such guidance twelve weeks in advance of legislation coming into force. It is expected that the joint HSE-industry guidance will be published on the CITB website at the same time.